Body Sculpt Conditioning

Personal trainer Max Jenkins wanted to set up a new gym business in Scarborough. Before coming to Funding Options, he’d already laid the groundwork for his business, but because of changing circumstances and a limited knowledge of what was available in the market, he wasn't sure exactly how much he would need.

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We found Max the flexible loan he needed to launch his new gym business in Scarborough

After our first conversations with Max, asset finance seemed like the obvious choice — he would need to buy a large amount of gym equipment to get things up and running. He also showed a solid business plan, and had a leasehold premises arranged for 5 years, so equipment was one of the key missing pieces.

But it soon became clear that it would be better for Max to have some flexibility — so rather than having equipment-specific finance, we looked for a general purpose loan that he could use for balancing cashflow or paying rent as well as getting fitness machines.

Once straightforward asset finance was ruled out, Max had two choices — a sale and leaseback, securing funds against equipment he already owned, or a secured loan over a few years to provide cashflow when needed. Max decided on the secured loan as a better fit for his plans.

Since then, Max has been able to draw funds as and when he needs them. Not only is this a flexible arrangement that gives him the freedom to plan for the future — it also means he only pays for what he uses.

Finding the right finance meant Max could get his new gym fit-for-purpose — and Body Sculpt Conditioning is open for business. Learn more about how a secured loan could do to help finance your business here.

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